How to use Plant Tying Machine to Tie Flower Planting

The GardenGrowthGuide's Plant Tying Machine to Tie Flower is so easy to use

Here are 8 Step Actions to follow:

Step 1

Press down and pull out the push lever


Step 2

Insert the nail with the tip facing up, and plug the push rod back into place.

tapener tying tool

Step 3

Open the tape box and put in the tape, lay the tape along the track


Step 4

The tape is passed through the front end


Step 5

Gently press the handle and observe that the black hook closes and hooks the tape

plant trying machine

Step 6

Then let go immediately and the tape will automatically pull out

Note: Do not use too much force! Excessive force on the tape does not automatically pull out

plant trying machine

Step 7

Tie from the outside to the inside facing the plant, press the handle firmly so that the nails stick to the tape, and the tape will be cut at the same time

plant trying machine

Step 8

Release the handle, the plant is already tied

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