Journey of Cultivating a Stunning 64,583 ft² (~6000m²) Rose Garden: Insights from a Community Member

Journey of Cultivating a Stunning 64,583 ft² (~6000m²) Rose Garden: Insights from a Community Member

Hello everyone,

Today, I'm thrilled to share with you the journey of creating and nurturing my 6000m² rose garden, a project born from passion and dedication. This endeavor, undertaken without any external design services, is a testament to my commitment to gardening.

Here's a glimpse into my experiences and techniques:


  1. Sunlight Conditions: Roses thrive with 5-6 hours of sunlight daily. Insufficient sunlight can hinder their growth, leading to weak and unhealthy plants.

  2. Soil Conditions: I've learned that roses love well-drained, loose soil. Waterlogged conditions are a no-go for these beauties. To enrich poor soil, I've used substrates, rice husks, soybeans, and wood ash with great success.

  3. Selecting Rose Varieties: My choice often leans towards grafted roses for their vigorous growth. Interestingly, the Climbing Rose variety, sourced from GardenGrowthGuide (GGG), has been a remarkable addition to my collection. The admin team's enthusiastic support in selecting the best-suited varieties for my garden has been invaluable.

  4. Care Strategies: Limiting chemical pesticides, I prefer biological alternatives. Choosing varieties adapted to local conditions significantly reduces the risk of pests and diseases.

  5. Fertilization Approach: My roses flourish with organic fertilizers, including soybeans, microbial fertilizers, and fermented chicken manure, fostering lush and vibrant blooms.

  6. Watering Practices: Ensuring a balance of water, fertilizer, and sunlight is crucial. These elements contribute to about 70% of the success in rose cultivation.

To maintain this extensive rose garden, I've assembled a dedicated team of five, including one technician and four workers, who share my passion and commitment.

I hope this insight into my gardening journey inspires and guides you in creating your beautiful gardens. Remember, with the right care, support from communities like ours, and quality resources from places like GardenGrowthGuide, anyone can transform their green space into a breathtaking rose haven.

Wishing everyone success in their gardening endeavors!

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