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  • One of my first dahlia cuttings

    Customer Name: Jenny
    Growing Zone: 5
    State: Illinois
    I started a self-serve greenhouse business, April 2022, & sell cut flowers/arrangements. This is my first year trying dahlias, & they’re exceptional!

  • Garden Bonding

    Customer Name: Sophia and Julie
    Growing Zone: 7
    State: California
    We planted these lavender seeds as a mother-daughter project. They've grown beautifully, making our garden a favorite spot for our family to relax together.

  • Bouquet of Joy

    Customer Name: Grace
    Growing Zone: 7
    State: Ohio
    Every stem from these seeds has bloomed into a perfect aster, making my homemade bouquets the talk of the town. Pure joy in every petal!

    Callistephus (Mixed) 
  • Bowl Lotus Seeds.

    Love It

    Customer Name: Simmons Mike
    Growing Zone: 5
    State: Indiana

    Bowl Lotus 
  • Theres no such thing as blackberry tomato

    Customer Name: Lesya
    Growing Zone: 6
    State: Massachusetts
    Late in the season harvest of veggies and flowers I grew with my little ones, we loves seeding all of these beautiful colors in our garden.

  • Zinnias, Bachelor Buttons, and Baby’s Breath

    Customer Name: Treylee
    Growing Zone: 5
    State: Wisconsin
    Zinnias, Bachelor Buttons, and Baby’s Breath! Homegrown for my wedding last summer!

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  • All Seeds Germinated

    "Quick sprouts! Soaked 2/3 of the seeds in warm water at home, saw germination in 3 days, and leaf growth in 10. Now, they're thriving in cloth pots with clay-rich soil in my fountain and pond. One month in, they're leafy and healthy. Awaiting blossom variety!" -Issa

  • Amazing

    "It's incredible how a single bag of seeds has yielded so many beautiful plants." - hong Yan Chen

  • So far so good

    "Just planted and starting to see new leaves. No buds yet but it has only been a week." - Brenda Leza

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